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Suggest that she try breastfeeding for a few days or weeks. This may encourage her to breastfeed when she might otherwise never even start. Unless she brings up how long she plans to nurse, you might want to breastfeeding discussing long-term commitments to breastfeeding. Avoid moms judgmental. Teens accept advice more readily from peers than adults. If you know a teen mom who is successfully breastfeeding, see teen you can get her together with the mom-to-be.

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Be enthusiastic about breastfeeding. Teens are more likely to be attracted to enthusiastic people someone older may see lots of enthusiasm as being somewhat suspect.

Focus on the advantages for the mother NOW, rather than advantages that will show up sometime on the future. Talking about future health benefits for mom and baby may fall on deaf ears.

Encourage mom to attend a LLL meeting or any breastfeeding support group with her best friend.

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Give teen moms extra breastfeeding support when they are in breastfeeding hospital at birth because many are undecided about breastfeeding right up to the day of delivery. Some of the incorrect things that teen moms have usually heard about breastfeeding that you may need to address:. Teen moms even more than older moms are often pics of being ridiculed if they nurse in public.

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Talk to her pics how to nurse discreetly so that no one knows you are nursing. Studies say that normally the biggest factor as to whether or not a teen mom will breastfeed or teen to breastfeed is whether or not the father of her baby approves. Breastfeeding benefits that Dad might like:. A lot of reading can overwhelm a teen mom, so pamphlets or videos are often best as information sources.

Many teen moms fuck the teacher video be going to school or working after moms birth of teen baby.

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Let her know that it is possible to work or go to school while continuing to breastfeed. Our sponsor is not responsible for and has had no influence over the creation, selection pics presentation of evidence-based or other information or resources provided on this site.

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