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Oral-B vs. Still Need Help? Reach us here. How do I know which Oral-B electric toothbrush I have? Knowing the model of Oral-B electric toothbrush you have is very helpful. It can be used to determine the appropriate parts and accessories for triumph toothbrush. There are two numbers on the handle which are important, the Type Number and the Production Code.

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Type Number This will identify which model of electric toothbrush you have. It is a 4-digit number which can be found on the underside of your toothbrush and is highlighted by the red arrows below. The Type Number should also be listed on the user manual for your toothbrush. Production Oral This may be needed if you contact Oral-B with questions about your toothbrush.

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The format manual depending on the model; the blue arrows below point to the production codes for those brushes. Was this helpful?

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