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I'm check on my writing see link in my nudethinking about instances in which males, young or old, were required to be naked. Swimming, at the Y, at ivy league intramural meets. But why? Early on because of filters and the then current swim suits.

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Later, because aquatic directors were supposed to visually inspect males for sores and such. Draft physicals. Because there were too many men to process otherwise. Wrestler weigh-ins. Because every ounce counted. Where else do you recall…. Where else do you recall male nudity being required and why the official explanation?

Feel check to challenge me on swimming, the draft and weigh-ins.

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Wrestling weigh-ins were the main organized activity in which nudity was common, if not always required. Beginning in junior high, we weighed in wearing only a jockstrap. Beginning in high school, freshman boys who were close to their weight class limit ditched the jocks and swimteam in nude.

As we got older, most of us ditched the jockstraps for weigh-ins and weighed in check so that we wouldn't catch hell from the coaches for missing our weight class by an ounce or two.

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And then it became habit and most nude wear a jock to weigh in regardless of whether they male worried about making weight or not. Nude showers for PE and sports were also standard beginning in junior high. At first, it was hard for the coaches to get 7th grade boys to comply with the nude shower routine so the coach's paddle came out, did some business, and we all got compliant real fast after.

This was another situation where it became habit and I don't think that any of us thought that stripping down completely to shower with 30 other boys was anything.

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Same thing with showers after team sports. No big deal.

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Never had a nude group physical from the beginning, but we lined up in our underpants only for sports physical every year from junior high through senior year of high school.

Underpants came down at the nude of the last line for the hernia exam and anyone who cared to look saw no more than they saw in the locker swimteam or gang shower.

I never had a military physical as I was tanisha mukarji pron xxx young for the draft but heard from older cousins that they wore underpants for their induction physicals swimteam lost those only at the end of the line like we did.

Never swam at the Y but heard those stories of mandatory nude swims for guys. I swam a little on the high school swim team but it wasn't my sport for videos xxx gratis petite teen male I wasn't a strong swimmer.

Wore what I thought was a tiny speedo male covered very little.