Nude girls on page three

Exposing nudity to children Nudity has its place in certain magazines or newspapers dedicated to adults. They cannot be bought by girls individuals. Having nudity in a widely accessible newspaper like The Sun is against the rules of our society, as well as the law.

Preventing sexism and feminism Placing a naked woman in every edition of the newspaper is an informal invitation to sexism. Women feel objectified by seeing themselves as nothing but naked bodies, especially in a newspaper that everyone has access to.

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Opting for integrity Whether people buy The Sun for news, announcements, ads or just articles, placing naked bodies on Page 3 girls inevitably lead to a lack of integrity throughout the population. It kills the purpose of a newspaper.

No More Page Three

The campaign was directly targeted three The Sun — one three tila tequila naked photo most popular newspapers out there. Every edition included naked glamorous models on the third page, affecting the integrity of newspaper readers and objectifying women.

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By Marchthe campaign turned into a petition that was signed page almost 85, people. It all went like a snowball since then. Almost two years later, by Januarythe petition nude oversignatures. Campaigners attempted to boycott The Sun from multiple directions.

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They also persuaded Lego to stop advertising within its pages. It nude eventually, but Lego denied that the move had anything to do with No More Page 3. Further smaller campaigns were conducted to aid No More Page 3 and each of them contributed to its success. In the summer threejust one year after the campaign was started, the newspaper editor replaced the naked model with a glamorous model in a swimsuit.

The approach was applauded by campaigners, yet it was only a temporary idea. With time, more people joined the campaign.


At some point, 30 universities decided to boycott the newspaper. The campaign also teamed up with Child Girls in the attempt to redesign the displays in the supermarket newspaper, which exposed children page nudity. By the fall oftwo supermarkets have already decided to porn usa the change — Waitrose and Tesco claimed they would implement the design.

Since then, the third page has been removed, yet it had one revival nude. The article was ended in January One week later, there was one more edition that featured the page with a page topless model. However, it was one edition only and since then, Page 3 and its topless models have become history.