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These nicknames are hashtag terms that are floating around on sites like Instagram, Pheed, and Tumblr. Super models nude photoshoot hashtags generally relate to the images associated with it, often of women in provocative outfits, skimpy lingerie and marijuana leaf nipple tassels.

A lot of the images have been posted by the girls themselves.

GirlsGoneWeed™ — Naked girls, lasers, techno vikings, SUPER dirty

Michael Smith is the CEO of design company Studios, and regular photographer of girls in weed emblazoned panties. Smith is the creator and photographer TheGanjaGirls. This website depicts attractive semi-naked ladies getting sexy with weed. Smith started taking photos in in his studio, and was soon publishing them online.

Very quickly he was overwhelmed with women applying to model for free. He regularly gets over applications weed wannabe models a week. They choose what outfits to wear and when we do photoshoots its mostly just fun, its about what they want to do. But they have more in common that sexy women smokers.

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GGDub, created in was originally intended as a spoof of Girls Gone Wild, gone gained a large following with their smart and sensitive commentary about the world of weed and yes, also nude their sexy photos. Both The Ganja Girls and GGDub have admirable values, but their mandate is a far step away from those using the weedwhore hashtag on Instagram.

Not all girls who post stonergirl hashtags also use the onebakedbitch and its ilk. And using terms nude crunkbitch or onebakedbitch is negative. Nicole Reyes is Assistant manager of The Nug Brandgirls company that sells a variety of marijuana themed apparel, some extremely provocative.

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She regularly posts images gone girls wearing very little on the company's social media feeds. Since she started working, she said that their network has significantly increased; they currently have Instagram followers and Facebook weed at the time of writing. In some ways the weedwhore movement can be seen as positive.

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Women are clearly comfortable sharing their smoking habits, proud of their images and trying to be playful. The proliferation of these terms is generally used in a friendly context, and though it objectifies women, there is some power to having consciously used these words, rather than having them ascribed to you. Ezzell and Anda Corey Frost Note: No Girls Girls Weed girls responded to requests for a comment. The A.

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