Naked men with iphones

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Guys With iPhones April 23, 7: Sent anyone a hot with lately? There goes my theory that guys with expensive cellphones are trying to compensate for other deficiencies. I mean, Naked Yeeeeeah, put 'em on the touch screen, gents.

Girls with iPhones is a million times better. I men we were done being fark.

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Until they have farm yard animals with iphones I remain nonplussed posted by mattoxic at 7: Slightly related: The 20 Male Poses of Facebook. Are we seriously ten comments into this thing without a bucket of cocks joke? Oh come on.

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If I wanted bad self portraits and lots of men boy penises I could moms with nice ass nude go to Casual Encounters on Iphones. Where are the iphones chicks with iphones? Naked is becoming a metaphor for the fishing industry.

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The lady will have two tickets to the with show. I mean the cock show. Wait, now I understand gun shows. I'll be in my bunk.