My wife has lost interest in sex

My Girlfriend Lost Interest In Sex

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I have now been married for 32 years and our sex life is virtually non existent. When we first met everything about our relationship was terrific. I suppose I should have seen the warning sign when she told me that once the honeymoon period was over I was not to expect the same frequency of sexual activity.

My Wife Used To Be Very Sexual, But Now She Has Lost Interest In Me

The warning came to fruitition shortly after we married and since then it has declined to the stage that we do not make love interest up to a year.

I understand that when she put on a lot of weight after the birth of our children that she felt ashamed of her body, but I still felt desire for her. A few years ago she had a stomach band opperation shortly followed by a tummy tuck.

She now has her sexy figure back but still has no interest has sex. It seems that the only time that she is interested is if we go on lost or spend a night away in a hotel. As much as I love my wife I do not know how much longer I can stay in a marriage that has no intimacy.

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Sexe yaoi nu bleach our children are adults and have moved on and into good relationships. She has now purchased a few animals who she shows emended amount of affection to which is also making it more depressing. I have told her how I feel and she tells me sex if I feel like making love she will try to get into the mood. She has only done it once which I felt was more out of interest than anything else. We both suffer from stress at work which I accept adds to the problem.

I'm guessing you are expecting a more detailed response given the detail you have provided but I think it's simply a case of going to a psychologist together. If you sex do that go to one yourself and talk has them about it.

Thoughts other than that I can understand your frustration. It would be good if you can talk to each other about how you feel, keeping in mind that some feelings interest have to accept ourselves rather than expecting others to change.

But in this case you might find some sort of compromise. Also a psychologist will go into it but the lack of sex may be a symptom more than a problem.

What to Do If Your Partner Is Uninterested in Sex

How are you two with emotional intimacy? There may well be other things you have to work on, either individually or together. Being a 48yo woman, I'll throw around a few ideas which may give you some possible insight. If you do seriously consider the idea, perhaps you could say to your wife something like 'I feel like we're growing apart a little and I want to find ways where we can reconnect'. You don't need to mention the sex aspect, I imagine it will eventually come up in the sessions anyway. Okay, so, ideas:.

I really feel for you, as when we're not on the same page as our partner it can definitely throw a spanner wife the works. As mentioned, give some consideration to speaking to someone who can help shed some light on how you can both grow closer, especially given the situation and your frustration. They will address many possibilities so you both come to be on the same page. Something I forgot to mention involves a conversation I had with my husband not too long ago.

My wife has lost interest in sex and won't do anything about it | Life and style | The Guardian

I mentioned to him that if the only excitement or stimulation that happens in our relationship happens behind closed doors, then it's hard for me to remain interested in our relationship.

Harsh, I wife but it remains the truth. When I'm mentally stimulated, I'm generally an excited and enthusiastic person all 'round. This angle may not relate to your relationship lost just thought it worth a mention.

As I said to my other half, as we evolve together through adding ventures to our relationship, the marriage becomes one of exciting adventure like with trips away together.

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The other commenters have given some good advice.