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New Miss Nude World; Dawn Lambeth; 20; centre; of Vero Beach; Fla.; News Photo - Getty Images

We are going to miami next month. Would like to expereince this nude beach or topless beach around miami area, Where exactly we can find them. For openers, all of beaches of Miami Beach the sandy part near the ocean is legal to go topfree.

Having said that, some areas it's more popular than others.

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Mind you this is topfree, not nude. See the bottom beach this beach about Haulover for clothing optional. Where you are staying, topfree is not as common as some areas on South Beach. South Beach is the two or so most southern miles whack attack 2 Miami Beach starting around 22nd Street or around two miles south of your location.

You may not see many others but it's legal.

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Topfree is more common between say 14th Street and 21st Street. We usually hang out at the lounge chairs at the 17th Street Beach Access near the lifeguard stand.

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Wifey may be the first to nude topfree but is never the last. The white chairs just to the north of this lifeguard stand is the Miss Hotel where topfree is often common. I think that's why ladies not wanting to rent a chair and not wanting to be the "only one" nude set up on the sand between these chairs and the ocean.

There is a park called Haulover Park that has all kinds of things like a boat ramp, small golf course, picnic oh my beautiful wife and a great beach. Only the most third northern part of the beach is Clothing Optional. Search for Haulover Beach on this forum for details on parking, public transportation, and how the "personality" of South Beach is different depending upon where you set up.


South example, the most northern part of the clothing optional section of the beach is almost exclusively gay men and the most southern part is fairly sparse. We go to Haulover for at least one day each time we visit South Beach miss love it.

It's one of the most friendly beaches in the world.