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Ain't never been A man rachel starr porn tube wanting things As much as I want you The sun don't come up Till morning So tonight there's no excuse hmm Just like the rain outside I'll make your love come down So baby now its time Naked can't wait no more I'm gon' give you What you're body's been cryin for.

Take off your shoes I wanna see them toes Slip off that skirt And that shirt's gotta go Come out them drawers Girl, you won't be needin those Now you're wearing what I like Baby let's go Come on. Damn baby You look so good Won't you come over here Slip off that skirt You know that shirt gotta go You're lookin kinda right, now you know it's time Let's get naked.

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Naked (remix) è tratto dall'Album Promo Only: Urban Club, October 2005

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Testo Naked (Remix)

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