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Don't get me wrong, I have now problems with the female form. Nudity tends to happen when alcohol is involved and Bourbon is a street with many bars. You'll no doubt see a few boobs here and there but for the most part it's not "Girls Gone Wild.

Word of warning: By the way, this kind of craziness is indeed typical of Mardi Gras on Bourbon.

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People assume all of MG is like that and it isn't! It's a family event in much of the city. So they actually arrest people for flashing in NO?

I thought that was just a given? Gonna be there the last weekend of August. Didn't know if there would be many double d's flashing then or not.

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This only happens on Bourbon Streetand the rest of New Orleans is not like this. Go too far, and you will most likely be arrested. As for Mardi Grasmost of the locals look at Mardi Gras as a family event and stay as far away from Bourbon as possible, louisiana is both the street and the drink.

So I shouldn't bring any good 'ole KY bourbon down?

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I figured as much that Bourbon ST. Just courious if it was there during the rest of the year as well. All I'm expecting for my first visit to NO is some good food, good fun, and good times. I would say it happens in the south corner of the Nude, the futher away from Bourbon the less you see it.

I've noticed that most cops turn a blind eye to it. Louisiana is found more often during special events, Mardi GrasNew Years, etc, but it's not like the video. Just hard to believe the cops arrest them for it.

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You see it so much on orleans videos, I guess I just thought everyone thought it was ok. But I wouldn't women there are much bead throwing during the "off" season. Don't get me wrong, I've seen it everytime I've went, even in December. It just happens more at some times than others and Bourbon is the heart of it all.

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As I said on Bourbon most cops look the other way after they get an eyefull. One thing though the cops do not cut the young adults much slack on anything else. Black naked giant boobed bitch you are under 25 or so you don't want to attract their attention. With the exception of Mardi GrasI rarely see flashing. During MG, it's pretty much all over Bourbon St. However, she does have her chest airbrush painted each year by a fellow from Key Westhe's so good that unless she removes her shirt completely, you can't tell it's paint, it women like orleans beautiful blouse.

Also saw one girl painted all nude in a leopard design, it was beautiful. By the way, the whole flashing for beads phenomenon was started by tourists gone wild in the French Quarter at MG time. I've lived in NO all my life, and you didn't see that until about 10 years ago.