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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. The version we always wanted is finally going to be released in the US.

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Leisure Suit Larry is a sex addled series, it always has been. The level of gratuitous content was still surprising this time around, not for it's raunchiness, but for it's lack of skin.

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We kinda figured that the level of sex and nudity would rise from years past in order to enter the prolific era of adult entertainment in larry find ourselves so lovingly embraced today. The original M rating was a surprise, and a tiny let down, considering some of the content we had seen a nude events.

But now, after the M rated version has had the chance to settle in at stores, Vivendi will be announcing the release of the Adult Only "Uncut and Uncensored" version of their latest Larry game tomorrow. While the differences between the M rated version and Adult Only version are apparently non-existent in terms of actual gameplay content, those magna waited hoping to see some more skin, like our randy Executive Ethiopian lesbian girls in shower Steve Butts, won't be dissappointed.

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Magna Cum Laude - Uncut and Uncensored on it. All told there leisure be more nudity, uncut sex scenes, and some crazier suit sequences allowing you to see your favorite college coed's going at it with schlumpy little Larry all you like.

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Magna Cum Laude -Uncut and Uncensored we're taking a walk on a wilder side with even more outlandish misadventures and sexual escapades. In This Article.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude GAME PATCH Nude Patch - download | babyshoweridea.info

Rated "M". Developer High Voltage Software.

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Release Date October 13, IGN Logo Recommends.