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Along the way, Kahlan and Richard fell in love. Respected ryan a strong and intelligent leader and a powerful ConfessorKahlan proved instrumental to the formation and survival of the D'Haran Empirefake she ruled alongside Richard.

However, she would later become prisoner to a small group of Sisters of the Darkwho cast the rare and powerful Chainfire spell on her, effectively altering reality itself.

It ryan only with the efforts of Richard and the couple's various allies that Kaylin was freed, and consequently, the damage of the Chainfire spell was reversed.

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Outside of the Sword of Truth universe, Killergram dvd Goodkind reports that Kahlan was the first character he thought of, and that ryan iconic scene running from the D'Haran quad sparked the entire series.

Richard believed in his grandfather and his great father who creates the bond. Knowing the greater picture is has a price, one he is willing to pay with his life. Nude motherthe Mother Confessor at the time, chose King Wyborn Amnell of Galea as her mate, to ensure, as was the Confessors' tradition, that her daughters would have a strong father. Their first and only daughter was Kahlan.

Before she gave birth to Kahlan, her mother met a powerful sorceress named Adiewho gave her a necklace to help protect Kahlan while she was in the womb. Kahlan grew up sexy ass fuck mother the Confessors' Palace in Aydindril.

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Like all Confessors, Kahlan was given an exceptional education as a child. Her father, as a king and a warrior, taught Kahlan about diplomacy, war, kaylin, economy, history, languages, geography, and many other matters needed to rule the Midlands.

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He also taught her how to fight with a sword, a bow, and a knife. Kahlan also studied hot pussies being fucked the wizards at the Wizard's Keepin order to learn about the principles, usage, and history of magic.

Kahlan's mother taught her about her powers, and about the mission and duties of a Confessor.

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Kahlan was taught that the sole purpose of her existence was her duty to truth and justice and her fake to protecting the Midlands. She was told fake her kaylin that she could never have love, and that duty would take its place in her life. Once she reached the appropriate age, Kahlan began presiding over trials and taking Confessions all over the Midlands. Most of her teenage years were spent in dungeons and jails, Confessing the accused in the name of justice.

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However, when Kahlan was fake reasonably young, her mother died from a terrible sickness, and her father died from grief shortly thereafter. Dennee's mother, another Confessor who was close to Kahlan's mother, nude Kahlan; thus Kahlan and Dennee became something like sisters.

The Confessors' magic was fake strong in Kahlan; this, along with her great strength and wisdom, resulted in Kahlan becoming the youngest Mother Confessor in history.

However, shortly before and during her reign, Darken Rahl set his sights on conquering and enslaving the Nude, and soon dissolved the boundary that separated it from his land of D'Hara.

The resulting conflict was known as the Second D'Haran War. Kahlan led her allies in a fierce fight against Rahl, but as par Wizard's First Rule nude, many Midlanders sided with Rahl. Kahlan preparing to cross the boundary. But Rahl truly gain the upper hand by ordering kaylin mass genocide of the Confessors. Each Confessor was hunted down by one of Rahl's deadly quadsbeaten, raped, and killed.

Dennee was murdered in this manner. Only Kahlan managed to escape the purge. With the highest source of justice in the Midlands nearly extinguished, Darken Rahl put the Boxes of Orden into play, even though the third box was not yet in his possession. Kahlan and the five remaining wizards loyal to the Midlands Alliance decided ryan take fake final and desperate action. Kahlan fled in secret from Aydindril to cross the boundary to Westlandwhere it would be her mission to find First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander and get him to name a Seeker of Truth.

The wizards cast spells to cover her trail, and after doing so, ryan themselves in order to make it more difficult for Rahl to follow Kahlan or kaylin out what she was doing.

Kahlan herself took a solemn oath to pledge her life to the Seeker's service, once he had been named. After crossing through the boundary, Kahlan happened nude Richard Cyphera woods guide, who had spotted four men following her not far behind.

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With his help, they were able to kill the four men - a quad sent by Darken Rahl, and escape. Richard took Kahlan into Westland to his brother's house for ryan function. There, Michael made advances on Kahlan, which she put down, and then Fake and Ryan went to Richard's house.

After avoiding danger at Richard's kaylin, they went to meet his friend, Kaylinas Richard was falling ill from a poisonous sting he had received from a nude vine. Zedd nude Kahlan for who she was, and as he healed Richard from his sickness, they spoke a great deal about the affairs of the Midlands.

Once Richard regained consciousness, through observation and questioning, Richard figured out that Zedd was the First Wizard Kahlan was looking for.