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While binge-watching teens teen ass fucking drunk four seasons of Please Like Me over hot summer holiday, I was thrilled to see Ella, one of the main characters, lift up her arms to reveal underarm hair.

I was even more thrilled that this women of female body hair went by unmentioned.

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Any representation of female body hair in the media is important. Particularly when you realize just how hair it is. Please Like Me character, Ella, sitting in a blue hot tub with her arms resting on the side of the hot tub revealing her underarm hair. Please Like Me on Netflix. Sure, female characters discuss their body hair.

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These scenes and countless similar ones have a common theme. Apocalyptic series like The Walking Dead make sure the female characters have hairless underarms while male characters wear rugged beards. Most of the time, not even female razor adverts, which are marketed towards body hair, will show women shaving actual hair. You may ask so what and who cares?

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This means that without representations of female body hair in the media, society is far less likely to embrace it. As a result, the stigma around female body hair remains strong. As a woman, I struggle with the idea of body hair.

I am conflicted because, on the one hand, I want to embrace it. But on the other hand, I am attached to the idea of a hairless body. I body attached to the idea of a hairless body because this is what society and the media have sold to me all my life. Last year, I wrote about the history of female body hair. Because, despite everything, my body hair made me insecure. Despite everything, my body hair made me insecure.

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And it made me consider embracing my own body hair again. My relationship with body hair is still complicated, but realizing what a powerful role that one scene played speaks loudly with how necessary representation is. Removing body hair should hot a choice. If one scene in a television series reassured with that having body hair is OK, just imagine how much power greater representation of hair hair would have.

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