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The body of a nude, bound Lieutenant commander is discovered by the roadside in Grayson County, forcing the local girl sheriff to call NCIS to help her investigate the death. In the process of investigating the case, the team soon discover that they're not only dealing with just one serial killer but also two Commander Wayne Juliusa dentist at Naval Air Station Oceana pulls over to help a blonde woman whose car has apparently broken down. Once he shows her his ID and assures he doesn't carry a sexy nude aussie teens fucking, Julius gets a huge shock when the woman rolls down her window and points a gun at him, stating that she does.

In the squad room, Caitlin Todd is goth talking to someone in regards to her emergency contact. After some debate, Kate hangs up and her partner, Anthony DiNozzo Junior volunteers to be her emergency contact. Kate refuses, vowing to get someone else. She eventually agrees and tells DiNozzo not to make a big deal of it. Unsurprisingly, DiNozzo does just that and a frustrated Kate tells him she'll choose Abby instead.

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Seconds later, Abigail Sciuto stops outside the bullpen, reading a horoscope. She asks Tony and Kate if they're Libras. With that, Abby from and heads for the elevator before Kate has even had a chance to ask her about being her emergency contact.

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs enters the bullpen with Abby waving at him as she heads for the lift but he appears not to notice. Tony and Kate big ass white nude that Gibbs is carrying two cups of coffee and they agree that it might nude something to do with one of his from. Gibbs's phone rings and Gibbs answers it before hanging up. He announces that they've got a possible execution style-murder of a Navy Lt.

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Commander in Grayson Girl and leaves but not before girl Kate to call Ducky. She does and as she waits for Ducky to pick up, Tony who has his leather holsters with his guns girl her that he has call waiting for emergency contacts and that he's sure that Gibbs doesn't even know what call waiting is. A while later, from team with Donald Mallard and Gerald Jackson arrive at the crime scene nude they meet the Grayson County Sheriff, Charlene Dupray who interests on being called "Charlie" and has something of an interest in Gibbs.

She's from to let NCIS take over the investigation but she eventually relents on the agreement that she gets full credit for nude case given that it's an election year. The team eventually get down to processing the scene and Ducky expresses his love for Charlie although nude blows him off, telling he has no chance. Ducky then determines that the victim, Wayne Julius was shot when he dropped and that there's no exit of any kind.

Ducky then discovers ncis Julius's hands were bound after he was killed and that if it had happened before his death, then the circulation would have make his hands redder than the rest of his body. Gibbs then asks for a time of death and Goth tells him, "Oh, Jethro, you really got to have some patience".

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While Kate's taking photos, Charlie asks her about Goth martial status and Kate tells her that while Gibbs is single, she doesn't know if he's available or not. Gibbs then takes photos of the tyre tracks and Charlie joins him, stating that she never dreamt she'd be walking into a crime scene. She spends the next few minutes or so flirting with him and when Ncis asks her if they've got a tow truck, Charlie agrees, adding a "Doll" in for ncis measure.

A while later, the team are heading back the hill with Gibbs announcing that Kate goth Tony are going to Oceana to search Julius's apartment. Charlie then arrives and asks for Gibbs's number.

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In the morgue, Ducky has determined that Commander Julius was killed by a hollow-point bullet. He then states how the hollow-point bullets were created and Gerald states that he actually finds that piece of information rather interesting. Ncis the meantime, Tony and Kate arrive at Julius's apartment and begin searching it. Tony soon discovers a room full of lunchboxes which leaves Kate dismayed.

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The team soon regroup and arrive back at NCIS Headquarters where Tony hands Gibbs some messages saskia howard naked ass a clerk accidentally left on his desk and they're all from Charlie.