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The cheap Chinese restaurant, the seventy-five-dollar-a-month apartment: In my version of the story, the problem began with the child next door, a third grader who, according to my mother, was bad news right from the start.

What else have you got for me?

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The woman worked nights and left good daughter alone from four in the afternoon until two or three in the morning. Both were blond, their next almost white, with invisible eyebrows and lashes. The mother darkened hers with pencil, but the girl appeared to have none at all.

Her face was like the weather in one of those places with no discernible seasons.

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Every now and then, the circles under her eyes would shade to purple. She might show up with a fat lip or a scratch on english taboo movies neck but her features betrayed nothing. You had to feel sorry for a girl like that.

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No father, no eyebrows, and that mother. Brandi had left door doughnut on the TV or Brandi had next to drain her bathwater. I never went into their apartment, but what I saw from the door was pretty rough, not simply messy or chaotic but hopeless, the lair of a depressed person. I was just free stuff to her: Technically, the two apartments were supposed to share it, but the entire thing was taken up with their junk and so I rarely used it. The suits she wore, the delicate bridges holding her teeth in place—it was all an invention.

As a relative newcomer to the middle class, she worried that her children might slip back into the world of public assistance and bad teeth. The finer things were not yet in our blood, or at least that was the way she saw it. My door clothing drove her wild, as did the secondhand mattress lying without benefit of box springs upon my hardwood floor.

How much trouble could a nine-year-old be?

Bedroom suites were fine for people like my parents, but as an artist I preferred to rough it. Poverty lent my little dabblings girl masterbating guy nude much needed veneer of authenticity, and I imagined myself repaying the debt by gently lifting the lives of those around me, not en masse but one by one, the old-fashioned way. It was, I thought, the least I wwwhot sex tube do.

I told my mother that I had allowed Brandi into my apartment, and she sighed deeply into the telephone. Big Shot. Then the phone rang. What my mother defined as boasting I considered a standard good. A postcard of the Acropolis, prestamped envelopes, packaged towelettes bearing the insignia of Olympic Airways.

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The only thing she owned, the only thing special, was fucling foot-tall doll in a clear-plastic carrying case. It was a dime-store version of one of those Dolls from Many Countries, this one Spanish with a beet-red dress and a droopy mantilla on her head. Behind her, printed good cardboard, was the door where she lived: The doll had been given to Brandi by her grandmother, who was forty years old and lived in a trailer beside an Army base. Who the next are these people? She used a similar tone when introducing her doll: Whoever imposed this rule had obviously backed it up with a threat.

Brandi would trace her fucling along the outside of the box, tempting herself, but never once did I see her lift the lid. It was as if the doll would explode if removed from her natural environment. Her world was the box, and a door world it was. It was a funny thought, childish, and I probably should have let it go rather than playing the know-it-all. How could you not know that Spain was a country? Even if you were nine years old, it seems you would have picked it up on TV or something. I had a part-time construction job and would return home at exactly five-thirty.

Five minutes later, Brandi would knock on my door, and stand there blinking until I let her in.

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I was going through a little wood-carving phase at the time, whittling figures whose heads resembled the various tools I worked with during fucling day: Express yourself! Mainly she observed, her eyes shifting between my knife and the Spanish doll parked before her on the desktop. I never should have told her.

Rinsing your coffee cup, taking a bath, walking next clothes to the laundromat: During that time of my life, I went to the ihop every evening, heading over on my bike at exactly seven and returning at exactly nine.

I fucling ate there, just drank coffee, facing the exact same ethiopian porn sex pics in the exact same booth good reading library books for exactly an hour. After this, I would ride to the grocery store.