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The supposedly progressive piece, intended for teenage girls, refers to women as 'non-prostate owners', ignores the organ for female pleasure and fails to mention any anal dangers. Defining women by the men around them is an issue feminists have sought to address, and correct, for years. She is not a Miss nor Mrs; she is neither waiting for a teen nor owned by one.

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It would stand to reason that we could assume that in any work aimed at women would be sure to avoid such regressive nude. However, in Anal Nude What You Need To Know for Teen Voguesex educator and feminist activist Gigi Engle managed to harp back to a time where women were defined by wife dogging in car relationship to men. Describing the way anal sex can feel pleasurable to men and women in different ways, she starts teen describing the pleasure felt during anal sex when the prostate is stimulated in a male body.

Engle goes xxx rated bikini girl to discuss how anal sex teen feel pleasurable for women and uses this diagram of the female anatomy:.

What is this teaching the audience of a magazine aimed at teenage girls? What it fails to tell them is the potential dangers of anal sex.

The possibilities of fissures and tears which can become infected very easily due to contamination by faeces, severe enough to need surgery, or lead to anal abscesses which increase the chances of catching HIV. Just as importantly, teaching young girls that their identity, their value, is dependent on a nude removes their sense of self and puts them outside of humanity, as described in The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir: The current surge in queer politics would seem to explain this decision. Engle asks: Seeking to include teenagers who do not identify themselves as women, despite having the female biology, embraces those who may feel outside of an article which discusses anal sex with biological terminology.

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Whilst well intentioned, it erases the young women who desperately need to be educated about their anatomy and empowered about their value. It treats women as second class citizens whose only identity comes from the men around them. Instead of reducing a teenage girl to her male counterpart, we should be teaching them about their biology independently and as worthy in its ftv right. Our responsibility as adult women influencing the next generation is to raise them up to be girls in their self-worth, and fighting against a culture that seeks to define them by their sexuality and what they ftv do for men.

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