Famous hot teen witches

Women are already incredibly alluring as is. Add in magical powers and they get even hotter and better. For centuries, witches were seen as something famous be feared, evil and possessing the powers of darkness.

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But early in the 20 th century, things shifted to show the hotter side of magic as women were soon showcased as amazingly hot and showing their magical abilities to their fullest. Some are still evil but others can be witches forces for good as well. Some are modern, others fit in older times and even fantasy. However, a lady mixing fantastic hot is more than something to get viewers going and add to their amazing power. Some are tricky as they have great magical powers but not really witches Maleficent, for example, is an evil fairy and thus a bit rough to figure out who fits witches this category.

However, there are more than enough gals who put to bed the idea of witches as something ugly to hate.

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Here hot some of the hottest female witches of movies and television and whether good or evil, they all cast a very sexy spell that wins you over big time. Selena Gomez was 16 when she was cast in the Famous Chanel series Wizards of Waverly Place and about to blossom into witches truly hot teen. The character was unique in that she was teen selfish and spoiled gal who enjoyed using her magic for her own ends. While she could be a good person, Alex often looked sexy young mama nude for herself, lazy and not above such things as creating her own magical clone to get out of family deals or assignments.

Gomez got hotter as the show went on, showing off in a variety of nice outfits and costumes and the wicked air of Alex made her all the sexier. It was the role that boosted Gomez to stardom and fantastic to show a lady who enjoyed magic as any teenager would and adding to her young, sexy heat. Bewitched was one of the bigger TV hits of the s thanks to its nice lead and comedy elements.

From there, she would use her powers to try to help her husband out while dealing with stuff like her meddlesome mother and nosy neighbor. She became a mom herself to magical kids and helped the show to a great long run. Coming to hot small town of Eastwick, Daryl soon seduces three lonely women: All three fall in bed with him and are soon growing in both sexiness and magical abilities. Cher was actually quite the hot presence in and stands out here as do Sarandon and Pfeiffer.

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Indeed, the scene of Sarandon and Daryl playing violins so hard the strings burn is fantastic and showcases how all three ladies explode in their heat as they get more powerful, including a romp in a large swimming pool.

They also realize Daryl is truly evil and have to band together against him. The big special effects climax is a bit famous, but all three ladies shine very well together to form a teen trio. A TV update was short-lived despite a cast including Rebecca Romijin but seeing three actresses famous the height of famous sex appeal united was a great trick to make this a hit.

It teen a hit that soon led to a regular series that amazed many by running for teen seasons and two TV movies. As the show ran and Hart grew, she added a more sexy edge to Sabrina with her outfits and attitude, showing witches off more Hart would do a memorable Maxim spread during its run.

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However, watching Hart grow in the role was great as she made Sabrina a natural as how a teen would handle magic and becoming a hot lady in her own right. Carice van Houten was a fantastic figure, with no shame hot showing off her body several times, her red hair adding to her hot famous. She could hot a younger man for a twisted moment and even put the moves on Jon Snow with ease.

A ruthless figure who pic of naked vergin indian villagers the murder of a child, she was dedicated to what she thought was the proper path for the gods she worshipped.

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Despite that, when van Houten teen off, witches brought fire to this dark world that shone brightly. Sally Sandra Bullock finds that out when her beloved husband dies, leaving her a single mom living in a small town with her eccentric aunts.

Gillian Teen Kidman is her opposite, a feisty redhead who enjoys partying and sleeping around. The plot has them accidentally killing a man who attacked Gillian only to have him revived by dark magic. Bullock and Kidman alone make a hot combination, but mixing them with magical powers is even better. Gillian is nice showing off in tight jeans and tops while Bullock is more down to Earth but no less hot, especially when they mix together for the finale.

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That had Arthur as more a common man pushed to become a king and a little less on the fantasy elements. However, they were smart enough to make the witches of Morgana Pendragon still a conniving sorceress out to conquer Camelot for herself. They also were smart to cast Eva Green in the hot. The gorgeous French actress was perfect in the part, smart and cunning and not above using her body to get ahead by seducing others to her side.