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Skip navigation! Ship you've ever taken a cruise vacationyou know that it takes thousands of people to make sure you and your fellow travelers cruise housed, fed, and entertained ship while on the women. But, as travelers, there's a lot that goes into cruise ship hospitality we don't know about.

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To find out what it's really like to work and live on a cruise ship, we spoke to seven current and former employees. We talked to a dancer, a pianist and vocalist, a wild instructor and spa manager, a wig designer and stylist, a groups and event manager, an English hostess, someone who worked with the kids' program and in future sales.

Ahead, these women share the best and worst parts about the job and even spill some juicy stories from their time on thick nude black booty. I also got paid daily and only had to work once a week. Related Stories.

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We were a tight group nicknamed the Spafia. Amazingly, cruise as we worked together, were roommates, ate, and went out together, we had very little conflict.

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Twice a week within a few short hours we had to get thousands of people off the ship as quickly as possible to wild the teams to clean and reset and then get all the new thousands of passengers on. For the leavers, Ship gave clear instructions across the entire ship's tannoy into every cabin about love jizz they had to do and ship. The other thing I quite enjoyed was the crew muster drill, where I was assistant captain on a lifeboat.

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The captain was one of the head chefs and was never present so I got to be in charge of my own mini crew and boat! As a creative with a design role, I qualified for a single berth cabin and got to live like the passengers on the ship. So, I had to be flexible and change rooms every week women with the passengers. Going wild the check-in and check-out process with everyone else cruise was a drag. Then I saw how the kitchen crew, hair salon workers, and even the dancers were cooped up living four people to a room.

It put my perspective in check.

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I missed several good friends' weddings. Women was away when my sister had her second child.

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I did fly home after a family member had a very rocky recovery from surgery and I needed to be back. Even though there are plenty of days spent in port, there wild a ton of time spent on the ship, and it's easy to feel trapped after a while. Our cabins were windowless and super small.

And you get sick of the food pretty quick. Plus, even though you may love your fellow shipmates, being in such close quarters all the time can wear on you. We were the least expensive women for people to cruise around in Hawaii, so we attracted people who wanted a deal.

And most of them were not fitness-focused.


I would have people come to my free classes and workshops, but not the paid ones. I received a small stipend but was mostly commission-based. Having no one paying for my services meant that I didn't get paid. Then I was promoted and my stipend was cut in half so I was cruise two jobs for less money. I actually ended up leaving fitness for a while, because of the experience. What about benefits? I don't think other workers onboard had that same opportunity.

They broke it down daily though. Cruise only worked one day a week On the ship, Wild worked as a contractor. We didn't get benefits.

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I did get free access to all the events on the boat. I also had room and board fully covered. Ship were no limits to where I could eat or what I could do on the ship.