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Aug 24, 1. I'm asking men and women. I remeber in HS the chicks used to do this pose when they picture where they pop their leg out to create a bowleg teen. I even remember see some dudes who was bowlegged pull all the chicks.

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Whats the deal? Aug 24, 2. Sounds dumb as fuck Aug 24, 3. I'm bowlegged.

what's the obsession with being bowlegged/pigeontoed? | Lipstick Alley

I small busty teen pornstar get it either. Thanks x 1.

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Aug 24, 4. For guys it means a heavy dack: Aug 24, 5. However, all of sexy men my mom has dated had been bowlegged. Let me ask her right quick. Aug 24, 6. Thanks x 4 LOL! Aug 24, 7. Attraction to a vitamin deficiency?? Nope never heard of bow.

LSA, what is the attraction to bowlegs? | Lipstick Alley

Aug 24, 8. People care about it? Never realized.