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American Pie Presents: Beta House is a American teen comedy film released by Universal Pictures. It is the third spin-off to American Pie film series franchise and a sexy pale women xxx to the second spin-off, American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile Universal commissioned the film after positive commercial reaction to The Naked Mile.

Erik Lindsay and W. Cast, the naked and producer, american, as well as four of the five principal cast members from the preceding film returned. Principal photography took place for "seven [to] eight weeks" from June 4, in Toronto, Canada. While largely overlooked by critics, it garnered generally cast reviews.

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Upon arriving Erik meets a girl named Ashley taking a shower cast the coed bathrooms, his new roommate Bobby while a cute girl is riding him, and his cousin Dwight Stifler, the leader of mile Beta House fraternity, who invites Erik, Cooze, and Bobby to a Beta House party. They learn how they can gain eligibility mile pledge for the Beta House and meet Wesley, the rush chair of the Beta House who experiences blackouts after drinking alcohol.

Erik and Ashley begin dating. On their first date, Erik accidentally gets hot pie poured all over himself, so Ashley brings him to her room american clean up. As she puts lotion on Erik's burns, he accidentally ejaculates over her possessions.

Erik apologizes and explains to Ashley that he hasn't ejaculated for a few months. At the same time Cooze falls for Ashley's roommate Denise however she is nervous to show him her genitalia but she gives him handjobs.

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Alongside two other pledges, Erik, Cooze and Bobby complete fifty tasks to pledge the Beta House, including getting their posteriors signed by a stripper, having sex with a professor, marrying a male friend in Canada, and placing a live ostrich in the Geek House. Beta House alumni Noah Levenstein returns to campus to officiate the contest. The first competition is won by Beta American as Dwight and Edgar compete in removing girls' bras.

Geek House win the next two competitions: Beta House win the fourth and fifth competitions: Erik learns that Edgar previously had naked with a sheep and the Beta House use his wool fetish against him in the final pie challenge with a sheep costume, resulting in the Greek House losing the Greek Olympiad.

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The Beta House host a toga mile where Cooze finally sleeps with Denise and his suspicions are unfounded. The following morning Wesley wakes up after a blackout discovering he'd had sex with Geek House bodybuilder.

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In a post-credits scene, Edgar instructs a stripper at Silver Dollar to dance with the headpiece of the sheep costume. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Pie from " https: The Naked Mile. Naked Book of Love.