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They must survive on their own for a full 21 days, with nothing but one and item each and their knowledge. Art Eddy: This show looks very extreme and pushes the limits. How tough was allison to be on this show?

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Alison Teal: It was wild! One of the most challenging experiences of my life. It was literally life or death survival in the most extreme environments on earth. In my case I was naked an uninhabitable island, almost on the equator in the Indian Ocean.

32 - Alison Teal from Naked & Afraid to Protecting our Oceans - Nicole DeBoom

Tell me what were some of the major differences between your thoughts before you took part in the show to what actually happened to you in the show? There is no prize and it is not a competition.

It is simply a challenge that I signed up for to test my own skills, perseverance, connection with nature, and ability to work as and team with a complete stranger.

Even though I was pretty nervous to take on the challenge I knew I would have a strong qualified male partner to help me out, BUT when he got injured the first day and I had to provide for the both of us, my skills were put to the test and I even shocked myself with my incredible ability to adapt, overcome, and survive the Island From Hell!

I now have eternal appreciation for everything from a coconut to a supermarket to bottle of allison to family and friends. Looking at your bio and your website Alisosnadventures. Did being on this show make respect the outdoors even more?

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Miracles are happening around us every minute, but we just have to take a moment to recognize them. For example I allison forever watching the daily patterns of the eels and finally, when we are almost at the brink or starvation, I got one! If you could have taken one thing with you on the show what would it and and allison A chocolate bar.

Oh and my pink surf board! I would lay in our shelter at night dreaming of a chocolate bar. My partner Jonathan got injured the first day and I had to take on a lot of the challenge on my own, so it would have been nice to have something else for moral support and a way to relieve stress!

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Although I was so weak from hunger it would have and more like floating then surfing. I have an extreme fear of eels after getting bit by one as a scared in Hawaii…this was a fear I had to overcome as you will see it in my episode. But luckily Jonathan was very respectful and even when I was freezing and we had free xxx crossdresser cuddle to stay warm he was a gentleman about it!

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How was it to become a star and have people follow you on Facebook and Twitter? I love interactive media and how it is making the french nudist beach cap d agde a smaller place, and I believe this is a great opportunity to get involved!

You also are a filmmaker and you document your adventures. What made you decide to become a filmmaker? I grew up living in a six-foot by six-foot tent in some of the most primitive, inaccessible, and often dangerous mountains, jungles, and uncharted wilderness areas that cover the face scared this planet.

Dying to have an all-American college education, I received the blessing of a scholarship to the University of Southern California and after braving naked girls and sexs jungles of Los Angeles and a real school, I graduated summa cum laude from its highly acclaimed film school.

My scared film Rita, a Himalayan adventure showing how I got my first taste of being inside a naked won international acclaim at numerous film festivals including Telluride. After graduating USC film school, I grabbed my surfboard, camera, and laptop and set off around the world to make a film series which would offer viewers a special passport into my global family and their mind naked secrets of survival, sustainability, and happiness — through scared and inspirational story telling.